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The racking that we supply is fully compatible with Dexion Racking.

We have our racking specifically designed and manufactured to comply and exceed:

AS4084-2012 - (the new Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking)
SEMA/FEM 10.2.02 - (European Design Code for Racking)
Rack Manufactures Institute - (USA)
DIN 15018-2 - (Deutsches Institut für Normung)

Highest quality raw materials are used. Steel Quality is SS400 grade.

Steel quality batch certificates are available from the steel supplier.

The beam connectors are made using 3.5mm thick steel.
Frames are 1.8mm, 2mm or 2.5mm thick steel depending on your requirements.

Engineers Computer Assisted Design (CAD) layout, drawings and solutions
for larger projects are available. FREE OF CHARGE.


Avoid the risks associated with importing pallet racking direct from overseas manufacturers.

There are many quality concerns with the vast majority of Chinese manufacturers.
Be aware that liability from any legal action resulting from accidents or racking failures
lies with the importer of the racking, not the overseas supplier or manufacturer.

Public Liability Insurance may not cover you if your racking has not been tested to
the new Australian Standards
in the event of an accident.

Chinese manufacturers may claim conformance to AS4084-2012, but without the long and expensive process of actually having the racking tested legitimatley here in Australia, their claims are worthless.

We are one of the few companies that can supply full legitimate testing and engineering reports.
As well as a certificate of Conformance – issued with every racking installation.


has university tested our racking independently in Australia.
We have AS4084-2012 full engineering test reports and issue a genuine

Standards Certificate of Compliance

that can be presented to OH&S Officers at any safety inspection

You can be confident in the knowledge that you are buying a superior product
that legitimately conforms to the new Australian standards.

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The new standard for racking (AS4084-2012) was introduced in February 2012
and was implemented in February 2013.
All pallet racking now needs to be engineered for each particular installation.

The key change to the new standard is a switch from using "permissible stress"
design to a "limit states" design approach.
The new standard also cross references the relevant companion standards including
AS/NZS4600: 2005 Cold Formed Steel Structures and AS4100-1998 Steel Structures.

Compliance with AS4084-2012 is now a


with the designer responsible for creating a racking system that is safe and fit for purpose.

Although components of pallet racking are standard components, the issue of compliance with the
new standard depends on how these components are interconnected to make a system.

Send us your layout and requirements and we'll design a system that is fully compliant to
AS4084-2012 and compatible with your needs.

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